A question to the audience: Would there be any interest in a small print run Festfolket zine? It would be all about ABBA, with fan art, fan submitted stories and poems, etc. We could make it super nice, and figure something out for price (ideally we’d make it a free PDF with a charge if you wanted a printed copy, but we wouldn’t want to profit off of it!)

- Marlo

Floating this idea around now that we have more followers. You can send the blog a message expressing your interest and depending on how many responses we get, we can start seriously considering it!

bollymusings asked:

Hi guys! Just found your blog and I think it´s awesome! Going through older posts I found under one of the pics an inscription "Remember that time Benny said he fancied Agnetha in his misspent youth but never made a move because she was Björn’s girlfriend?" - I have never heard of that! Can you please elaborate? Or would you happen to have the original article/video? Thanks and keep up the good work!


Bravo: Did you ever flirt with Anna?
Benny: “A little, obviously, when we just started out. I’m a curious guy and I wanted to find out how Anna is like, whether she liked me. She really delighted me, to be honest. But that was just playing with fire. I’ve never made any serious attempts, because for me, the girlfriend of a mate like Björn is obviously off-limits.”

The source is here!

- Marlo